Ambalattika Rahulowada Sutta—Noble Advice on Honesty and Self-reflection

The Ambalattika Rahulowada Sutta contains Noble Advice given by the Buddha to the Novice Rahula, when he was just seven years old and residing in an abode at a place named Ambalattika. The Master uses several child friendly similes to convey this fatherly wisdom to Novice Rahula, who happens to be his son from lay life. The Buddha points at the water dipper used to clean the Buddha's Sacred feet by Novice Rahula on arrival and explains four similes pointing to four aspects of the water dipper. Each of those are prudently used to point out the lack of nobility of a dishonest recluse, who is not ashamed at telling a deliberate lie. The Buddha observes that a person who lies is capable of doing just about any sinful deed. Thus, the Master advises that a recluse should not utter a lie—even jokingly. Although various misdeeds have been committed by him over great many eons as a Bodhisattva or Buddha aspirant, he in absolution, had not done one sin—that of telling a deliberate lie. To drive the above point, the Buddha also uses a simile of a sturdy warrior elephant of supreme birth, clearly mindful of the child psyche of being naturally fond of such animals and combative action.

Previously, I used an eleven-minute teaser of this sutta and this is the full recital, which is thirty-eight minutes in duration. To know more about that other aspects of this amazing Sutta see the link below:

To listen to a sermon done by Ven. Waharaka Abhayarathanalankara Thero based on Ambalattika Rahulowada Sutta in Sinhala language visit the following link:

To view and download the manuscript of this sutta edited for recital purposes by me, visit the link below:


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